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26 December 2010

Remote Viewers

This is my journalistic look at the long-running government program that tried to “put the ESP in espionage.”  Dell marketed it in a pulpy way (to the extent that they marketed it at all), and admittedly some of the goings-on I wrote about were very strange.  But the book was a serious, open-minded attempt to get to the bottom of an enterprise that was real, wasn’t just experimental, and enjoyed funding and high level political support for at least a quarter of a century.

On the way to doing the book  (researched/written 1993-96, published Jan 1997), I presented a documentary on this story for Channel Four / Discovery and wrote a feature for the Independent newspaper (which got some official attention).

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Reviewer comments:

Remote Viewers is without a doubt the best overall history of the US Government’s remote viewing ‘psychic espionage’ program published to date. . . . Schnabel went right to the sources, interviewing more of the people actually involved than anyone else thus far. And he teased out secrets that many of us thought would never see the light of day. Interesting, accurate, and fascinating.

— Maj. Paul Smith (USA, Ret.), former participant in the remote viewing program.

Schnabel gives us an incredible look behind the scenes [at] the US government’s various remote viewing projects. This fascinating book not only shows what this technique can and cannot do, but provides an absolutely riveting look at how the intelligence agencies operate. Hands down the best remote viewing book so far. And a bargain to boot. Five stars, thumbs up, and all that stuff.

– The Anomalist.

Remote Viewers by Jim Schnabel remains the most comprehensive book on the history and development of the Remote Viewing Program within the United States as any I have ever read. His perspective as an investigative reporter from the outsider being exposed to the phenomenon of RV research for the first time, gave him the unique opportunity to take a more broad view of the entire history of the subject, and the personalities involved.

– Amazon reviewer


See also this nice retrospective review of Remote Viewers in Fortean Times (April 2019, FT378)


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